Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

Unique Valentine's Day Gift

Ah, February… the month for fresh roses, boxed chocolates, and love! But, after awhile, Valentine’s Day can be a little – well, predictable. So that’s why, last  year, Michael used his creativity to really suprise his wife. He gave her a unique gift that EVERYONE envied. Not only was the balloon bouquet as tall as she, but it lasted almost a month! I don’t think anyone has received fresh flowers that lasted more than a week!

Now, fella’s, here’s your chance to shine. This year, Michael is extending his creative mind to you. He is offering custom, made-to-order, balloon bouquets starting at $49.00 delivered to your “special someone” at their home or workplace for Valentine’s Day. Get a gift that EVERYONE will talk about. Also perfect for gift for: Children (we can deliver to schools), Moms, Grandmas, or even the man in your life!

Call 321-806-8660 or 321-412-5128 to order. Or visit the Contact Page.

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