Corporate Holiday Parties In Melbourne, Florida

First and foremost, welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED website for Michael Van Ness – formerly known to many in the Atlanta area as well as all around Florida as Magic Mike! This site has been a “project” for a while now, and between the balloon twisting gigs, magic shows, and the new balloon decor group, we have finally starting to put the finishing touches together. Speaking of balloon decor, I wanted to tell everyone about the BRAND NEW, SUPER COOL, balloon decor group that Michael is now a part of, along with Vynn Pechart and Scott Barhold. They are Dynamite Balloon Creations – and they are “blowing up” the balloon decor scene, all around Florida. I added a picture from their latest adventure together – the Harris Corporation family holiday party. The balloon “centerpiece” was an 8 foot tall – balloon Santa Claus that Michael, Vynn and Scott built out in the garage using a few “secret ingredients”. All in all, it was a HUGE success and there will be much more to come from these guys! Stay tuned for more news from Michael Van Ness!

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